Double Coverage: NFL Power Rankings


The conclusion of Week 15 brings with it the latest edition of's power rankings from Staff Writer Cian Fahey and From the Bleachers blogger Cormac Eklof.

Cian’s Rankings                                                                            Cormac’s Rankings


Cian: The Packers certainly proved that the Patriots are beatable, its just very difficult to do.


Cormac: Things you look for in ‘good’ teams; Section 43 Part A segment C; ‘The ability to win even when you don’t play well and your opponent plays out of their skin’. Check.

1.Patriots (1)


Cian: The Saints lost a tough game in Baltimore, largely due to the brilliance of Ray Rice. The Saints won't see a back as good as Rice again this season before the Superbowl.

Cormac: Michael Turner dislikes that comment! The Falcons just keep on quietly winning games, and continue padding their lead towards home field all the way to the big show.

2.Falcons (2)


Cian: It was a routine victory for the Falcons this week. You know you have a good team when a victory in the NFL can be called routine.

Cormac: Can’t drop the Saints too low as they played okay, and are still in good shape.

3.Saints (3)


Cian: The Eagles showed off their offensive explosion with just one quarter of football. More importantly, Michael Vick showed his ability in the clutch approaching the playoffs.

Cormac: 28 points in one quarter – what can you say bar, wow.