Andy Lee wins, Matthew Macklin calls him out


Trainer Booth was keeping his focus on the bigger project. “We know what we are working on and I definitely saw elements of that. I am pleased with the things he did technically in there tonight, and as far as I am concerned there is progression and I am looking forward to the next one,” he said.

There will have to be progression if Macklin is Lee’s next opponent.  As spirited as Fitzgerald’s pressure was, Macklin would be capable of much more pressure with a far more refined boxing game and considerably more power. 

Lee’s preference for Barker next might be because the Londoner is more of a boxer than a pressure fighter, a type of opponent that Lee has had issues with in the past, most notably in his losses against Chavez last June and Brian Vera earlier in his career.

However, it appears at presstime that Macklin still has no opponent for his May fight date, which might explain why he took the opportunity to call out Lee so vehemently.  If DiBella cannot secure a fight for Macklin soon, he may try to entice Lee into foregoing the tune-ups to take the fight.