20 Random Conclusions from Superbowl XLV, Pittsburgh Steelers @ Green Bay Packers


  • As of 10:39 on the 08/02/2011, Aaron Rodgers is the best quarterback in the NFL. I am not one to make such extreme statements on the back of one performance but the start to Rodgers' playoff career is unmatched throughout history. Before the season I knew he was the most accurate passer but his consistency and composure throughout the season has been awe inspiring.
  • Rodgers' performance in the Superbowl was one of the best ever. He had 304 yards with 3 touchdowns and 0 interceptions but 6 total drops from receivers cost him another 100 yards and probably 2 scores. Rodgers made some throws that you may never see again and he made them look easy.
  • The Packers are the deepest team in the league by a long way. After losing Donald Driver and Charles Woodson early on before Nick Collins and Sam Shields also were nicked up, the team kept on moving and you wouldn't have noticed their absence without seeing them on the sidelines.
  • The Pittsburgh Steelers' offensive line coach is one of the best. Sean Kugler continued to get good play from a bunch of misfits and stragglers.
  • Bruce Arians, the Steelers' offensive coordinator needs to go. Arians play calling is atrocious. The Steelers ran the ball only 19 times excluding Roethlisberger scrambling. The only thing worse than Arians' decision making was Fergie's horrific half time performance. When they did run the ball, there was little variation as the team repeatedly ran to the right, which was a good idea, but used the same play 90% of the time.
  • The Packers were better prepared than the Steelers. The Steelers were often slow to get set on offense and sometimes looked confused while defensively they could not account at all for Jordy Nelson and needed to burn a time out in the second half because they had only 10 men on the field. Not a good game for Mike Tomlin's staff all around.
  • It's time for James Farrior to retire. James Farrior has been a standout performer for the Steelers for as long as he has been there. A few years ago he had supposedly lost a step but proved his critics wrong but this year he has lost a second step and is physically too slow to keep up with the opposition.
  • Clay Matthews really is overhyped. Matthews had little impact on Sunday night's game(except for when the FOX Commentators lauded him for a tackle or two when he wasn't even near the ball, simply calling out his name because he's about the only defender that they knew. Seriously just give the Superbowl to NBC every year at least Michaels and Collinsworth have a clue what's going on) Matthews was brutally beaten in the running game and didn't register a sack or consistently pressure Roethlisberger against supposedly poor offensive linemen. He may have forced a fumble but that was on the runningback.
  • Troy Polamalu may have been injured but this is the third Superbowl that he has played in and I'm yet to remember a single outstanding play. It may be unfair to expect so much from one player but those are the standards Troy has set himself.
  • Chad Clifton does not get enough credit outside of Green Bay. He was fantastic for the Packers on what is an average offensive line.
  • Greg Jennings is an all pro talent who ranks among the best in the league. At 27 Jennings reminds me of a young Hines Ward in the way he plays except with greater pace. Speaking of Hines Ward, a big performance yet again in the Superbowl, even though not reflected on the stat sheet, has assured his place in the Hall of Fame.
  • James Starks justified the Packers decision to pass on trading for Marshawn Lynch during the regular season. His hard running vindicated Mike McCarthy's decision.
  • Rashard Mendenhall has a fumbling problem. Mendenhall has lowered his fumble count on the season but should never have let that ball go, he carries it too loosely too often and good defenses will always manage to strip it free.
  • Ben Roethlisberger's poor performance makes it 2 out of 3 for the Steelers but he still remains one of the most clutch quarterbacks in the league, however he is definitely not ahead of Tom Brady at the top.
  • The importance of penalties and turnovers will never be diminished. The Steelers lost the turnover battle 3-0 and were hurt by crucial penalties. Before Nick Collins touchdown return, a 44 yard kickoff return had been negated by a stupid Keyaron Fox penalty to put his team in that position. Fox had one of his worst games as a Steeler while it is clear now that Chris Kemoeatu has taken over from Richie Incognito as the least intelligent football player in the NFL. Kemoeatu once again had a braindead play for the Steelers as a good running play was called back for his decision to dive into the back of an opponent who was already out of reach of the ball.
  • The Pack proved parity in the NFL becoming the first ever 6th seed from the NFC to win the Superbowl. It was a fitting end for a season that didn't have a clear favorite for so long. Notably the Steelers 2008 victory in the Superbowl was the only ever 6th seed AFC victor.
  • The Superbowl half time show needs to be removed. It only serves to make a long event even longer and the performance of the Black Eyed Peas this year shows that it's not worthwile.
  • Superbowl experience doesn't count for much because more often than not the better team wins, David Tyree and his Giants maybe being the exception.
  • The NFL's awards are decided too early and should not be based solely on the regular season. If the MVP of the season was decided now who still thinks Tom Brady would be the unanimous decision?
  • The NFL needs to come back next season. This Superbowl had 111 million viewers worldwide. The arguments between the owners(mostly billionaires) and the players(many of whom are millionaires) over the new CBA mostly are due to monetary reasons. It is a fickle world that the NFL is living in.