Irish boxing champ Micky Ward’s inspirational and shocking bio “A Warrior’s Heart” - VIDEOS


He swears he doesn’t know where that refusal comes from, but it’s not hard to imagine the years spent watching his brother almost rise to the top, only to have his dreams all cruelly snatched away, didn’t strengthen his resolve never to let it happen to him too.

Nowadays, after all the hype has died down and the Oscar parties have ended, Ward insists he has no regrets. He got to spend most of his life doing what he loved, boxing.

He admits he didn’t make the major billfolds of other ring stars like Mike Tyson or Oscar De La Hoya, but he did find firm financial stability and he did become the only Irish Catholic lad from Lowell to end up having a big Hollywood movie made about him. That’s not bad going at all compared to how his story could have ended.

Now Ward works in construction and for Teamsters Local 25 as a driver. There are side effects to his long career in the sweet science that give him pause, like the double vision he gets if he looks up too quickly.

He is, he also reveals in his new book, a candidate for pugilistic dementia. But he’s philosophical about it.

In fact he sounds like a man completely and unexpectedly at peace. Perhaps it’s because he has already made his arrangements for what will happen to him when he shuffles off to glory.

The scientists of Boston University will inherit his brain and spinal column, which they will certainly research to study the effects of a lifetime pursuing the sport he loves. 

Here's some footage of Micky Ward in action:

Here's the trailer for Mark Walhberg's Oscar-winning movie about Mickey Ward: