Why was #IrishStrippersYoureOverPriced trending on Twitter?


If you were checking out the trending topics on Twitter in Ireland, Australia or elsewhere, you may have discovered that Irish Strippers Are Over Priced.

The oddball hashtag #IrishStrippersYoureOverPriced has been on the go for hours since musician Luke Brooks was less than happy at the economics of the Irish adult entertainment industry.

Luke who now?

Brooks is a member of Australian comedy group Janoskians, who play Dublin's Olympia Theatre tonight. The group are well-known on YouTube for recordings of public pranks, though they're branching out into lampooning a certain well-known boy band:

Things really took off when he offered to follow Twitter users who used his hashtag:

Naturally, once it started trending, everyone else was so confused it kind of exploded with people wondering why their smartphones were suggesting this tag for their posts.

Unfortunately, we don't know which of Dublin's establishments Luke was visiting – or how they're still in business with prices like that.