Top ten great Irish Halloween costume ideas -- get prepped to impress


7. Fr. Ted or Fr. Jack

There are other great characters to rip off from the classic Irish sitcom “Father Ted,” the title character being one of them.

Get yourself a priest’s collar, pepper that hair until it’s gray and you’re set.

If an extreme costume is more your idea of a good Halloween, then transform into Father Jack.

Blacken your teeth, white out one eye, work on that old man scruff and fluff out your thinning white hair until it looks like you’ve been electrocuted, and you’ll have it!

Be sure to be as violent, drunk and foul-mouthed as possible throughout the night.

8. The Commitments

If you’re looking to dress up as a group, why not get together and become The Commitments?

Ireland’s most famous fictional band consists of both guys and girls, so invite the whole gang!

The idea here is 90s Dublin soul. Guys, dress in black dapper suits, but feel free to rock that mullet. Girls, slip dig out that tight, lacey black dress from your 1992 closet and tease up that hair.

Grab a few musical instruments and bicker constantly with each other.

To really impress ’em, bust out an incredibly soulful rendition of “Mustang Sally.”

9. Culchie

For the Halloween partier who wants to show off their advanced knowledge of Ireland, you can become a local Irish personality type.

One of which is the culchie, the Irish version of the American country bumpkin.

A culchie is proud of his rural Irish origins, and isn't afraid to show it in the way they look and behave.

To be a real culchie, get yourself a tweed Irish cap (patchwork is best, like our friend Jackie Healy Rae opted for), a ruddy red face, a thick indecipherable country accent and your are halfway down to the bog.

10. D4 Head

For the extremely advanced (or the person with a ton of friends from Dublin), one Halloween costume idea is the D4 Head - a posh Leinster rugby supporter.

D4 stands for Dublin 4  the posh region of southside Dublin, known for their fancy accents, designer clothes, private school affiliation and obsession with Leinster rugby.

So collars up and attitude out, get ready to drop names like there is no tomorrow and pretend Mommy and Daddy own half the country.

If you arrive at your party and meet Irish people who pretend not to know what a D4 head is and wear a look of bemusement, then don't worry, you are probably talking to one!

Happy Halloween and happy costume making!

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Originally published in 2009.