Top ten Christmas gifts for an Irish woman


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9. A bag

A bag is an excellent Christmas gift. Many women will be making New Year’s resolutions about organizing their lives, getting rid of excess baggage, etc. And that’s where you come in – you buy her a bag, a small, dainty one that holds just keys and a purse. Your friend will never again have to root around for her keys in a large cumbersome hold-all. Most department stores will stock them in abundance.

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10. Christmas music

On Christmas Eve, St. Patrick’s (Anglican) Cathedral in Dublin has a wonderful choral celebration calls The Festival of Nine Lessons and Carols, at which its boys’ choir sings. It’s really beautiful, and this would be the prince of all gifts – cheap, if you live in Ireland but a tad pricier if you’ve to fly from the States. If that doesn’t sound like your cup of tea you could opt instead to bring your friend to Ireland’s National Concert Hall, where Our Lady’s Choral Society sings Handel’s Messiah every year, or for a post-Christmas concert.

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