Hiking is a popular activity on holidays in Ireland. Photo by: Getty

Top ten adventure vacations in Ireland


Hiking is a popular activity on holidays in Ireland. Photo by: Getty


Paragliding in Ireland is yet another way to sample the spectacular views that the country has on offer. For those of you who have been previously trained in this sport you should contact the the Irish National Association for the sports of Hang Gliding, Paragliding, for more information on the best spots. They have offers in place for tourists who wish to get involved. The also have many annual events to participate in.

Boating on the River Shannon

Ireland’s longest river is the perfect destination for long summer evenings. Not only do you get to sample the beauty of the winding path of Ireland’s rivers but this is also a very cost effective method of seeing the country. Tour operators offer a large variety of boats and guides on the best routes to take. Some operators offer interactive tours where you can pre-plan your desired route. When you dock in the many towns and villages along the way you will be exposed to the true taste of Irish hospitality.


With thousands of acres of woodland and forest Ireland offers some of the most intricate and challenging orienteering routes. There are 21 orienteering clubs throughout the country while many outdoor centres offer orienteering also. This is a great way to get to grips with the Irish landscape as you manoeuvre through the countryside while the clock ticks down.

Scenic walking tours

Few outdoor experiences cab rival the simplicity and beauty of a walking tour in Ireland. No matter where your trip to Ireland might take you ,whether it’s Dublin City or the Dingle Peninsula, there are long and short walks all around Ireland surrounded by some of the most beautiful scenery in the world. Some of our favourites include The Wicklow way through Glendalough and Slieve Blooms which take in Co.Laois and Offaly.