The best Irish studies programs in North America

Irish Studies programs at North American universities is a growing trend.

Location: Washington D.C.

Program: Master’s Degree


Irish studies at Catholic University has been present for over a century: the university established the first professorship devoted to teaching the Irish language in 1896. They offer an interdisciplinary Master’s degree in Irish Studies. The interdisciplinary nature of the program gives students the opportunity to take a range of courses from various university departments, as well as a semester-long Parliamentary Internship in Dublin.

Christina Hunt-Mahony, Acting Director


Location: Houston, TX

Program: Undergraduate Minor, Graduate Concentration


On January 23, 2003, the Center for Irish Studies opened in the Link Lee Mansion. Today the Center for Irish Studies resides at 4110 Mt. Vernon on the UST campus. In its short history, the Center for Irish Studies has made its mark by offering a wide range of cultural events to the University community and the community at large as well as a broad array of academic courses in Irish Studies, both on campus and in Ireland.

Lori Meghan Gallagher, J.D., Director

CONCORDIA UNIVERSITY - Center for Canadian Irish Studies

Location: Montreal, Quebec, Canada

Program: Canadian Irish Studies Undergraduate Minor, Graduate Certificate


The Center for Canadian Irish Studies was created in 2000 through the joint financial support of Concordia University and the Canadian Irish Studies Foundation. Its mandate is to promote a fuller understanding of Ireland and the Irish experience in Canada. The Center coordinates a Minor and a Certificate in Canadian Irish Studies, an annual public lecture series by scholars and distinguished figures in Irish cultural life, scholarships in Canadian Irish Studies and special outreach projects of interest both to academics and the Irish community in Canada.

Michael Kenneally, Director
(514) 848-8711(514) 848-8711

QUEENS COLLEGE - Irish Studies

Location: Flushing, NY

Program: Undergraduate Minor, Possible Interdisciplinary Major