A Trip to the Bountiful: The Walking People by Mary Beth Keane


That honesty is not in short supply in The Walking People. The depth and compassion of the novel, which will be released in paperback in May, has made it a remarkable first work. Readers will certainly be eager for Keane’s future works, which include a novel on Typhoid Mary Mallon that she is currently researching.

Notes: The Irish travellers, comparable to Gypsies, are a nomadic social group who live often in caravan camps or travel and have developed a distinct culture and history in Ireland. (They are considered an ethnic group under British law and a social group under Irish law).

Sandhog is a slang term used to urban construction workers and miners who work in underground excavation, such as the Water Tunnel project that Michael Ward works on in New York. The term was first used to describe the builders of the Brooklyn Bridge in 1872.