Top ten places to meet that special someone in Ireland - PHOTOS


The bureau points out on their website that there is not always a guaranteed success rate “No definite promise can be made that all those who apply to the Bureau WILL find a life partner; but all who register  can rely on the Bureau doing its utmost to help them. “

7. Festivals

Fleadh Cheoil Na Heireann; The Rose of Tralee; St. Patrick’s Festival the list and possibilities are endless. Ireland is home to some of the most unique and diverse festivals which occur all throughout the year. From music to culture there is something for everyone. If you show up to almost any festival in Ireland chances are you will meet that someone special.

Irish people love a good festival and usually take the time out to enjoy the festivities.  The mood, atmosphere and events are especially conducive to colliding with a man or woman.
8. The Islands

Ireland is an island itself of course but it is also surrounded by some of the most charming islands one could imagine. From the famous Aran Islands off the coast of Galway to Achill Island off the coast of Mayo, there are several options for the sea faring kind. A quick boat ride will land you in an unspoilt area of Ireland.

Not only will you get a fabulous insight into islanders existence you will also witness some of the most rugged scenery Ireland has to offer and that’s before you check out the talent! The indigenous people are very friendly and enjoy regaling tourists with tales of the past.

9. Lisdonvarna Matchmaking festival

Ireland’s biggest festival, this gets a mention all of its own. Every year thousands of singles flock to this enamored town in Co. Clare in the hopes of finding love.  Europe’s largest single event includes matchmaking midweek dancing; a racing weekend and concludes with a matchmaking final weekend. Old and young are in with a good a good favorable chance of picking up a few dates.

As their website adds, You never know - as well as enjoying all of the good-natured fun and grand "craic", you might also find the perfect mate!

10. Copper Face Jacks Nightclub, Dublin

If alcohol and dancing is your thing then Copper Face Jacks is the place for you. This venue gets a special mention because of all the couples who met after crossing this treacherous threshold. Coppers is not for the faint hearted, and definitely not for those who sip Grey Goose Martini’s.  Posers stay away, Coppers is rough and ready and packed to capacity with males and females on the prowl!

This no frills nightclub is a mecca for accountants; police; nurses and teachers to mention a few. This Harcourt Street meat market gets very busy at the weekends so best to show up early to get a ringside view of all the talent that parade through the two storey club. One piece of crucial advice, don’t go there sober.
Something for everyone, Irish central advises that you do some pondering on the type of Irish man/woman that you’re looking for before choosing one of the above destinations.  We would like to take this opportunity to wish you the best of luck in your quest to find that special Irish someone. As a nation we are proud, as a people we are kind but as a potential partner we are perfect!

PHOTOS - Photos of where to meet that special someone in Ireland

Originally published in 2011.