The top ten Irish Americans on Twitter - SEE PHOTOS


Moore's father is of Irish and Cherokee descent and her mother of English and Jewish.

8. Brooke Burke - V personality, Host, Momprenuer - 1,744, 884 followers

Is a TV host, currently for "Dancing with the Stars" a journalist and co-CEO of Modernmom. She uses her Twitter to promote her website and to keep in touch with her fans. A mother of four she also shares information and photos of her four kids with her fans,

Burke is used to big families being the eldest of nine kids. She is Jewish and of Irish, French, and Portuguese ancestry.

9. Stephen Colbert - Comedian / TV host - 1,719,073 followers

Colbert is a constant wise cracking comedian and his Twitter and website simply act as an extension of his show "The Colbert Report".

He comments on political goings on, guests he has on the show or anything else that might take his fancy.

Some of his more recent tweets included "Can't believe Petraeus made an appearance on the show. Some people will do any lifetime of military service to get on TV," "I believe Sexy Hotdog Man was cobbled together from hooves and lips of other mascots" and "The unedited version of the Biden interview lasted 28 hours. That guy can talk.

Colbert is from an Irish Catholic family in South Carolina where he grew up with his 11 siblings. It is believed that his family came to the U.S. during the famine.

10. John McCain - Senior United States Senator - 1,716,932 followers

The currently governor of Arizona he uses Twitter to help his followers keep track of exactly where he is. He also posts new articles which he feels his followers would be interested such as "politico Eight of the 10 most-followed Twitter accounts on Capitol Hill belong to Republicans, a study finds."

McCain's family tree includes Scots-Irish and English ancestors.