The Irish Homecoming: the honeymoon period of enjoying home continues...despite the soccer


It’s great to be home. We kept saying it over the weekend.  Being able to participate in this wonderful celebration with family is really priceless.

My mother had the kids until Saturday. They came to Galway to us that evening. We took advantage of the fantastic weather and spent some time Saturday evening (before a barbeque organized by the bride and groom) and Sunday morning walking along the promenade.

Galway was really buzzing. Young people gathered all along Salthill to hear British band Mumford and Sons perform in a nearby stadium.

Grandparents bought their grandkids ice cream on the promenade. Parents took their kids swimming while young lovers held hands as they overlooked Galway Bay.

I drank it all in. Ireland is so beautiful when the sun is shining.

On Sunday morning we took advantage yet again of the fine weather. A short walk into Salthill town exercised our hangovers, and the kids enjoyed the amusements in a local arcade (and the 99-ice creams).

We were sorry to leave beautiful Galway but promised to return again before the summer is out. It’s a busy week for us again.

John’s uncle, his wife and their kids are visiting from Chicago. They came home for the wedding.

On Monday night John’s wonderful aunt Irenaie cooked up a storm for all the family. Colum played outside in the back garden with all his little cousins. Sadie was passed from aunt to aunt as John and I enjoyed some delicious food.

We are back to reality for a while now. We have nearly closed on a rental. This will be confirmed later in the week.

Just as we think we have found something suitable something better comes along so it’s all last minute decisions.

I’ve a busy week of work. I’m up and down the country till Saturday interpreting (I’m a sign language interpreter). I enjoy being on the road.

Since Europe gave us all that road money back a few years ago it’s been put to good use, and journeys that would have taken us two hours in the past are now only an hour and a half. It’s fantastic.
The kids, or the Yanks as their cousins call them, are settling in well. Sadie really doesn’t know the difference and Colum is having a ball with his family. His favorite word is “out.”

People ask us all the time do we miss New York. The answer is no, not yet anyway.

What we tell them is we don’t miss New York but we do miss our friends terribly. We are still in our honeymoon phase in Ireland I guess, but so far it’s the best honeymoon I’ve ever been on.