The Irish Homecoming: A first birthday celebration and the first St. Patrick’s Day at home


Anyway, we haven’t found our dream home yet.  We are torn between the possibility of a little house in the country with a little garden and sheep as our neighbors, to a house in a small village in a housing estate that costs a hell of a lot less but has very little garden space and humans as next door neighbors (which I also like). 

I’ve no doubt it will all work out it always does, so I’ll just go with the flow for the next few months and see where we end up. Watch this space. 

I’ve also taken on a big project by myself. I’ve decided to put all the great things I learned while working at the Irish Voice to good use. 

I’m going to launch Limerick’s first bridal magazine at the end of the year.  It’s a pretty ambitious undertaking in the current market, but after doing some solid research it’s clear that any girl who gets engaged in Limerick will purchase a magazine dedicated solely to weddings in her locality. 

I also spoke with some vendors and they seem to be keen to put a little money behind advertising their businesses, so hopefully it will be a success. I’m excited (and at times nervous) at the prospect of owning my own publication, even if it’s a small magazine. 

It will be a product of hard work and dedication. So I guess watch this space also. 

So between the house hunting, the vacations and the magazine we will have a busy year.  And the weekends when we are not so busy we will continue to explore Limerick and the beauty of the surrounding counties. 

There are many forests, parks and lakes within driving distances. We are spoilt for choice and despite the bad reputation Ireland has for rain, the past few Sundays have been dry and sunny, albeit cold. The kids love the outdoors.

It was with the greatest intentions we rented a house out in the country when we first came back home last year.  I had romantic images of pounding the country roads with the double stroller as soon as the weather allowed me. 

Unfortunately country roads in Ireland are not what they used to be years ago. The roads are narrow – well, they were always narrow -- but the traffic on them now makes a stroll with the kids the equivalent of a death wish. 

I do it myself -- I speed around the corners because I’ve become so familiar with the roads -- so unfortunately my notion of country walks with the kids is just that, a notion. That’s why when weekends roll around we like to get out as much as possible.

There are two fantastic playgrounds within 10 minutes of the house and a little further out we have Lough Gur, Curraghchase Forest Park and Cratloe woods. 

It’s only Monday as I write this so we have a few more days until the weekend rolls around again, but I already look forward to the idea of it. In the meantime, New York and everyone beyond, enjoy the St. Patrick’s Day celebrations. No doubt we will hear all about the second annual McLean Avenue parade and festival in the coming weeks. 

It was a fantastic day last year. Happy St. Patrick’s Day everyone.