The Irish Homecoming - Native New Yorker Colum celebrates his second birthday in his new home


We still had john’s family over for cake during the week and my family will come from Kerry at the weekend for another small celebration.  

We stayed in the Citywest Hotel on the Limerick side of Dublin for two nights. It is one of Europe’s biggest hotels so we enjoyed being swallowed up by it. It kind of reminded us of the big hotels in Las Vegas, although lacking the jazz and glitz of Sin City hotels. 

It was perfect for us and Colum was overjoyed with his little adventure. When we arrived there was a candle burning on a table near the reception desk. Colum assumed it was lit especially for his birthday so he went over and blew it out while singing Happy Birthday to himself. We didn’t correct him but did apologize to the staff. 

The hotel was overrun by little girls in wigs, make up and costumes. There was a big Irish dancing competition on there so it was fun to see the buzz about the place. 

On Saturday morning we went to visit John’s Uncle Noel Mooney who turned 80. We got to spend a few hours with the Dublin Mooneys before meeting my friend Niamh and her children for pizza in the Dundrum Shopping Center – think Palisades Mall. 

The highlight of the weekend was a trip to the Imaginosity Museum in Sandyford. It’s an interactive children’s museum that was both entertaining and educational. I enjoyed it as much as Colum I think. 

They had a mini supermarket where the kids shopped, a mini size hospital room where the kids tended to sick dolls, a mini library, car garage, post office and the list goes on. Definitely worth checking out if you have kids and want to do something in-doors in Dublin. 

We didn’t do much else on Saturday evening and left for Limerick again on Sunday morning. I did, however, convince John to stop off at Ireland’s answer to Woodbury Commons – the Kildare Village outlets. 

It’s definitely worth a look but the prices are outrageous.  Even John was not impressed. He had a peek at the sales rack in the Tommy Hilfiger store. He reported back that a Hilfiger t-shirt in luminous yellow was marked down to €60 (approximately $75). He was disgusted at the difference between Woodbury and Kildare Village. 

“I’m glad I had a quick look around April because at least now I know we won’t be coming back here again,” he said on the drive home. That’s what he thinks! 

So that was our little weekend away. It was nice to visit another county. When Colum’s birthday celebrations are over and done with we will concentrate on Christmas. 

I’m wondering will people think it funny if I put the tree up this coming weekend. It is December after all. 

It will be a fun activity this year with Colum helping to decorate and Sadie watching on.  We look forward to all it brings. 

That’s it for now. Enjoy getting ready for Santa.