The Irish Homecoming - Native New Yorker Colum celebrates his second birthday in his new home


Happy Birthday Colum Mooney. On Thursday, November 29, you will be two years old. 

You were due the day after Thanksgiving in 2010.  Instead of nagging the nurses at St. John’s Hospital in Yonkers for an epidural (that came a few days later), I was stuffing my oversized body with turkey and ham at the Heritage Bar and Restaurant on McLean Avenue. 

I have very fond memories of that day. I was there with my husband John and friend Pete Coyle. We sat near the roaring fire. 

My cheeks were burning and my heart warmed with love for you and as you kicked every few seconds John and I tried to predict your sex, weight and length. We never guessed correctly. 

You were born 7lbs, 11 oz. and 21 inches via a cesarean section in the end.  I was exhausted after 30 hours of labor and then an emergency section. It was 1:08 a.m. on the 29th when we joyfully welcomed you into the world. It was one of the best days of our lives together. 

And there in a cold operating theater at the New York hospital your life began, and in a way I guess ours did too. We were reborn as a family. 

The bond John and I shared that day back in 2010 was very special. We did it all over again with your baby sister Sadie in February of this year and our family became four. 

Since your birth, Colum, you have brought endless joy to our lives. You’re now at the age where your little antics are hysterical (to us). The way you string words together every day has us in awe, and the way you look after Sadie every day makes us love you more and more. 

I remember when you were born.  I thought I could never love you more. A friend of mine in New York told me (her son was two at the time) the love gets stronger and stronger the older the child gets. 

Impossible, I thought.  How could I love you more than I do now, but she was spot on. I didn’t know there was enough space in my heart for all this love, and when your sister came along I had to make more room. 

John and I, like a lot of parents I’m sure, are the happiest we have ever been. Having you and Sadie in our lives turn big problems into little ones. The silly stuff we used to argue about prior to your birth are not issues now. 

It’s all good Colum. You make us stronger as a couple too. 

Now don’t get me wrong little man. There are some days (not too many mind you) that you drive me a little crazy, mainly when you’re tired and whiny, but a quick smile from you or a little telling off from me and we’re the best of friends again. For the most part you keep us highly entertained Colum. 

While in your Nana Liz’s house in Co. Kerry last weekend you became very confused. You saw Nana using an electric carving knife to slice the roast beef she had just cooked. 

You dragged me from the living room to the kitchen with a very upset look on your face. You kept saying, “Mommy, hair straight, no Nana.” 

Unsure what you were talking about, I followed you at your request. Ah, I understood. You thought your nana was using a hair straightener (which you see me using every morning before work) to cut the roast beef. And after I explained that it was a knife you started saying Nana cut cake with knife. 

You thought the roast beef was your birthday cake. We got a good laugh from it.

Today (Monday) you are home from day care with an ear and throat infection. Your sister has pink eye so it’s like a small hospital in the Mooney household, yet it doesn’t feel very gloomy. 

Despite tugging at your ear every now and then (and constantly telling me you’re sick and you need more medicine – you are addicted to Calpol) you’ve spent over two hours helping me clean the house. You washed windows, you dusted skirting boards and your favorite activity of all -- you vacuumed, several times in fact. You even went as far as spilling all your raisins on the floor so you could vacuum them up. 

Sadie was feeling a little under the weather and not herself either, so now and then you would run to her and plant a smacker of a kiss on her forehead and say “no sick Sadie, you better soon.” It’s very cute. 

Although minutes later I would find you on top of her in a wrestling position or trying to vacuum her up with the Hoover. I also caught you attempting to brush her hair with the sweeping brush, and although I was slightly mad because she was upset I had to laugh at your little antics. 

So two years on. It was important to us to celebrate our son’s entrance into his second year of life. 

Initially I was going to throw him a big birthday bash at the house with all his cousins and friends, but after reading an article that said the second birthday isn’t a big deal for the child and having a party isn’t really the best way to celebrate for someone so young we decided to pack four small bags and head to Ireland’s capital city, Dublin, for the weekend.