The Irish Homecoming - Motherhood and a booming business career takes its toll but the bright side wins through


When we arrived at the hotel the sun was shining in the sky. It wasn’t long becoming overcast and before we knew it the heavens opened and the rain came pouring down. I was determined not to let the weather dampen the spirits of the crew so we worked with what we could inside and when the rain lightened off we went outside for some shots. There were some nice ones but the wet ground (the girls weren’t too happy putting their freshly dry-cleaned wedding dresses on wet ground and grass) and the wind proved difficult to get the perfect outdoor shot. We got some lovely ones but none that were front page worthy in my opinion. We made up for it with inside shots and got one that I think I’m happy with- I’m still waiting to see the final product. So lesson number two is to always be prepared for erratic Irish weather. Have a plan in place for inside alternative shots.

 And lesson number three is to not let other people take control of my shoot. The hair-stylist (who did a great job) has worked with several celebrities in Limerick and was not a novice when it came to photo-shoots. It was nice at the beginning to have her advice on what normally happens on shoots and let’s face it I was as much in the dark on these things as the newlyweds but by the end of the day she was directing the photographer on what kind of picture to take, what to photo-shop out and was very clear in her opinion if she liked something or didn’t like it. Timmy the photographer for the shoot was fantastic. He is a student who is starting out on his own and took some amazing shots that I was very happy with. It was a little awkward but I quickly began to learn that there were a lot of chefs in the kitchen. I also realized I needed to be more assertive when it came to taking charge of my own shoot. But I live and learn. It was a great experience and I’ve no doubt that the product at the end of it will be great. In the mean time I have a lot of work to put into it to get it right.

As for the house hunting I think we have finally narrowed down our needs. We have a specific area in mind, a few houses that we are going to view and it will be off to the bank with us to apply for a mortgage and that’s a whole other challenge in itself so we will see. Renting isn’t so bad anyway.

Our washing machine, our boiler and shower all went in the one week. The landlady had them all fixed within two days. The advantages of paying someone else’s mortgage I guess.

So now it’s off home I go to see how my children are behaving. Hopefully it will be a calm Mooney household tonight.