The 22 types of people you see at an Irish mass (PHOTOS)


15. The serial handshaker

They will not rest until they've shaken hands with everybody in the same seat as them, the seat in front and the seat behind.

16. The visiting priest

Every now and again you'll get a little surprise when a priest from 'somewhere else' arrives out from the vestry to say mass.

He could be from the neighbouring parish or better yet; a local priest who's on a holiday home from the missions. Cue your mother getting over-excited.

17. The person who prays really slowly

'Blessed art thou amongst women and blessed is the fruit of thy womb Jesus'... (Meanwhile 20 seconds later) ... thy womb Jesus.

18. The confused new altar server

The young fella thrown in from the start with no match experience. It's sink or swim and if it all goes wrong he'll have made a fool of himself in front of the whole parish. No pressure!

19. The gossips

They're more interested in such a one's daughter from down the road who's apparently pregnant  rather than the Immaculate Conception.

20. The seat hoggers

OK, well maybe they're not as bad as this guy.

21. The quick priest

No messing about, 25 minutes in and out.

22. The lads who stand outside at funerals

This is what happens when all the lads from the neighbouring parishes who like to sit down the back converge on one chapel for a big funeral.

The back seats not big enough for all of them so they'd sooner stand outside than sit anywhere else.