Ten ways for Americans to learn to swear with an Irish accent


1. Learn to say ‘Jaysus’ not ‘Jesus’ when swearing --very important as it immediately marks you as a Mick.

2.Irish  people  often don’t  just use  the f--- word but add the word ‘me’ as in  ‘F... me’ when they swear  as in ‘F.....me did you see that’

3. Learn to use the word ‘bollix’ early and often but only in the male sense as in ‘He’s an awful bollix’
4. Don’t say ‘I won’t do that’  say ‘I will in me arse do that’

5. ‘Wanker’ has no equivalent in American English, thankfully, as in ‘he’s a total wanker’



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6. ‘Whore’s knickers’ is not a term of endearment -- as in ‘she’s nothing but a whore’s knickers’ when you don’t like some female

7. Be very careful using the word ‘ride’ in Ireland. It does not mean what it usually does over here. If you call some female asking for a ride somewhere expect a thick ear.

8. Useful as ‘tits on a bull’ usually refers to a complete waster, male or female

9. Be careful, ‘Fanny’ in Ireland refers to the reproductive female organ not the backside of men and women  as in America. American men who say ‘I need to sit  down on my fanny’ will get some funny looks

10. ‘Ask me arse’ is a widely used term when you don’t want to answer a question.