Ten luxury gifts for Irish men this Christmas


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8. The Perfect Hat

Most men used to wear hats before John F. Kennedy finally killed the trend; his reluctance to wear anything on his head but a cheeky grin is said to have kick-started the hat revolt, with men copying his au natural look in their droves.

But nowadays the hat has been making a slow return to everyday fashion. In cold weather it’s the best way to look sharp whilst keeping out the cold.

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9. The Other Perfect Pair Of Jeans

Every man should have two really well made pairs of jeans for all occasions. For this reason we’ve included this pair by Hackett of London. They’re the right side of casual and classic and they won’t break your bank account.

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10. The Perfect Car

Cars are an expression of your individual style. Anyone who’s ever bolted out of a Skoda before anyone sees you knows that’s true. The image conscious man needs some stylish wheels to get around town and what better way than with this affordable, hybrid car?

Retailing at just $2,500 dollars it’s an ideal combination of price, low environmental impact and overall style. Available to order, it might be a while before they hit New York but soon you’ll see them everywhere.

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