‘Sligo - Who Knew?’ initiative using social media to publicize county’s hidden gems


6)  About 3000 Barnacle Geese arrive in October to spend the winter in North Sligo. The Ballygilgan Nature Reserve is one of the best sites in Ireland for seeing these geese in winter. The geese breed in Greenland in the summer and spend the winter in Ireland. They graze in Lissadell aevery winter until April, spending every night on the island of Inishmurray.

7)  A Sligo man pioneered atomic theory: In 1789 26-year-oldColooney man William Higgins published a book laying out Higgins’ own ideas about what he called the “ultimate particles of elementary matter” and how they combine or react to form compounds. Nineteen years later English scientist John Dalton published a more detailed atomic theory, which provided an explanation of all the experiments done so far on chemical reactions.  Dalton was credited with discovering the Atomic Theory, a fact that annoyed Higgins – he continued to claim that it was his idea until his death in 1825.