Mommy Diaries evolves into The Irish Homecoming -- It’s Great to Be Back Home


I was driving a little too fast in second gear and should have changed up to third. That’s what happens when you drive automatic cars for nine years.
And living in Limerick has its advantages. The local Tesco (supermarket) is open 24-hours a day.

So one of the nights I couldn’t sleep with the excitement of being home I got dressed and drove over to Tesco’s to purchase a few bits.

I even got a decent suit for the Sinn Fein job. The only downside to shopping that late at night was coming across some unruly characters (mainly in pj’s) pottering around the store, and there were padlocks on the dressingroom doors. But overall if I’m going to do my grocery shopping in Tesco it will be after midnight. No queues.

So that’s it for now. I must run out the door to see some other potential rentals. As we drive the countryside it’s sad to see so many beautiful homes with for sale signs parked outside. And none of them are selling due to the current market.

I’ll let ye know how we get on. Enjoy the fine weather in New York. We miss ye all.