Mommy Diaries: Big changes on the way - new baby and the journey home



Neither of us have lived in the country (I’m from Tralee town and John from Limerick city), most homes in the country come with land that has to be maintained, and we would be a considerable distance from family and friends depending on where we would be.

On the brighter side, we would get more bang for our buck in the country. I like the idea of our children having a field to run around in and more space to entertain. I also have visions of walking the country roads with a dog and the kids during the summer evenings.

A house in the city (or in the suburbs) is also tempting. Prices are dropping a substantial amount.

We would be close to everything, including friends and family, schools, stores and activities. The cons with the city would be a smaller home, probably a semi-detached and very little garden space.

It’s exciting, though, trying to decide where we will rent and then eventually buy. It always works out, so whatever is meant to be will be.

We will be bringing our American furniture home with us, but while purchasing a few years ago we were very conscious to buy relatively small pieces so they will fit in a home in Ireland.

People have recently advised us to fill the container as much as possible. I’ve been told by a number of people to buy tin foil. Apparently it’s way more expensive in Ireland, the size we have here isn’t available there and the quality of American foil is far better. Who would have thought!

I guess I better get in a few trips to Costco in the next few weeks before I’m home-bound with a new born. That’s it for now. Happy New Year everyone.