Mommy Diaries: And now we are four - race is on to move home to Ireland


When he was done he said, “You have some lovely bits of clothes here. I’ll definitely take a few but I want to go home and discuss with my wife first. I’ll call you tonight.”

“Wonderful,” I thought.

And as promised he called about 8 p.m. that evening. However the conversation didn’t go as I would have liked.

“I spoke with my wife and told her how pleased I was with your clothes, what great condition they were in,” announced John.

“Great,” I replied excited at the idea of getting them offloaded and having some extra cash for my future New York wardrobe.

And then came the uncomfortable bit… “Just one question -- we would prefer if you had other items of clothing for sale though,” he said.

Strange I thought. “What do you mean,” I asked innocently.

“Well do you have any used underwear that we could buy?”

Did I hear him right? “Excuse me,” I replied.

“You know, knickers or bras that you have used before and want to sell, I’ll give you a good price for them,” he said.

Disgusted and a little freaked out to say the least, I hung up immediately.

Hours earlier I had been alone with this man in my living room. What was I thinking?

There are certainly some strange people out there, and having gone through this experience in the past I’m highly aware of such perverts this time around. Although what sicko can possibly want a stroller or a bike?

It’s safe to say all the clothes I own this time around will be either shipped to Ireland in a container or given to the Salvation Army before we leave.

SADIE had her first playdate this past Monday. Her friends Ailbhe Doherty and Sarah Shields came to the house for a visit.

These little girls were all born the same week as our daughter. In fact Ailbhe was born an hour and a half after Sadie in a different hospital. (She was the same birth weight and length as our little girl.) Sarah was three days later.

Kerry native Orla Kelleher of the Aisling Center is the proud mother of Ailbhe, and her daddy is Eunan Doherty. Mary Brennan, also from Kerry, is Sarah’s mom and Charlie Shields is her dad.

Us three Kerry ladies have been friends for some time, and seven months ago we discovered within a few days of each other that we were all due babies on the same date. It was a fun six months guessing who would deliver first (I won that one girls) and if we would have boys or girls.

A few weeks before giving birth the three of us went to dinner. We were the talk of the restaurant. I’m sure people thought it was a pregnancy convention.

“Water all round for us,” we told the waiter while each pointing our ever expanding bellies.

And there we were on Monday sipping tea, sharing our birth experiences, comparing sleeping patterns, cooing over each other’s daughters and smiling from ear to ear at how blessed we are to have such precious little people in our lives.

I’ll miss all of these people when we leave. That’s the hardest part, leaving behind the friendships we have made in the past nine years.

Some people we will see back in Ireland within a year or two. Others, unfortunately, we won’t see for a long time due to immigration statuses. But we try not to dwell on the negative.

Moving home is exciting, and as the date draws closer that excitement is building from within our own home in New York and across the Atlantic as family and friends prepare for the invasion of the Mooneys.