Mommy Diaries - A mother’s worst nightmare - adventures turn into nightmares, preparing to go home


I’ve been preparing to get back into Irish culture little by little. Every morning I listen to Radio Kerry or RTE Radio to hear what’s really bothering the Irish people (mainly the recession, bi-polar disorders and house taxes).

I’ve been editing my vocabulary with Colum. I’m now saying hoover instead of vacuum, mineral instead of soda, nappy instead of diaper and rubbish bin instead of garbage bin.

I’ve even bought him Wellingtons (rain boots) which he wears around the house to get him acclimatized to Irish weather gear.

The plan is to stay with John’s mom, Mary, for a few weeks in Limerick until our container arrives.

Then we have to find somewhere to house us Mooneys.

We have a busy few weeks when we arrive home. The summer weekends are already filling up with kid’s birthday parties, weddings and family gatherings. There might be very little barbequing, but I’d trade the taste of burgers any day for a home cooked meal prepared by my mother.

There is no question in our minds we will miss our lifestyle in New York, our friends and New York itself -- it is, after all, the place where John and I met, had two children and I fell into a new career (this one), but we’ll keep the memories we have created these past nine years alive through photo albums and conversations.

We’ve recently discovered a smartphone application called Voxer. It’s basically a walkie talkie that allows us to talk instantly to anyone around the world who has the same application.

It just came in the nick of time. I can now talk to my friends in New York for free at the touch of a button while I’m at home in Ireland looking out at the rain. It’s the new buzz around Woodlawn.

On that note, I need to get back to packing away kitchen paraphernalia. The house is full of boxes and in another week or two, if John has his way, I’ll be eating from plastic plates, sleeping on an air mattress and watching television on my iPhone.