Made from WTC steel, the USS New York is a ship of remembrance


 One story that Millea says she’ll never forget involved a woman’s brother who was killed on 9/11, which was also his birthday. Millea saw the woman give a talk and then thanked her afterwards for sharing her story and promising to think of her on the anniversary. The woman ended up giving Millea her bracelet, which is engraved with her brother’s name and the saying “All gave some, some gave all.” Millea says she wears it every day so that she can remember not just one story, but the stories of an entire country affected by the events of September 11th. Ultimately, it is these stories—of loss, love, and perseverance—that give the USS New York her real weight. “When things get rough, I can always look down and see why I’m doing this,” Millea says. “I’m giving up myself like everyone else has given something—‘all gave some’—so this is the some that I can give.”