Is the evolution of the smartphone inducing the devolution of man?


Loves have also been lost with this cancerous growth of the hands. They say absence makes the heart grow fonder, but how can we say that now since people are not afforded the opportunity to be absent?

We are always present, we have no excuse to get away...we can be reached by email, facebook, twitter, text, voxer and viber. Courting couples can get sick of each other before they even meet!

I keep wanting to go back to that man on the Hudson last year and tear the phone out of his hand and tell him there is a better world out there, hold his head and make him watch the fireworks and not tell anybody what he sees.

But who am I to talk? I bought my first Smart Phone two weeks ago. The saleswoman said that with emails, a good camera, skype, video recorder, and internet, my life would be so much easier. And I suppose it has been easier.

But last night I watched The Commitments, a classic Irish movie from the eighties, a time when phones were as big as pizzas and the internet was still largely an embryonic rumour. I saw people running around, talking, arguing, laughing, joking, fighting, using their own experiences as a method of growing. They didn’t have all that we have today but they seemed more alive, and a question popped into my head.

Were things so much easier when things were so much harder?