IrishCentral's top ten Irish whiskeys (PHOTOS)


8. Michael Collins

A whiskey fit for the legendary Irish statesman, Michael Collins, is a 3rd Party brand produced at the independent Cooley Distillery. This is where the flagship Tyrconnell is also distilled.

Special selection: Michael Collins Single Malt Whiskey

9. Slieve Foy

Yet another fine Irish whiskey distilled at Cooley distillery. This boutique whiskey is 100% Irish malt. It is available now in the states and being distributed by Preiss imports.

Special selection: Slieve Foy 8 Year Old Irish Single Malt Whiskey

10. Green Spot

Green Spot is a pot still distilled Irish whiskey. It is a very special spirit made specifically for and sold by Mitchell & Son of Dublin, an independent Irish wine merchant. The whiskey blend was originally known as “Pat’s Whiskey” and bore the label of a man on a green background. This led to the name change to “Green Spot.” Only 200 cases are made each year and most are sold through Mitchell and Son’s Shop in Dublin. It is very difficult to obtain outside the country.

Special selection: Green Spot (pure pot still)