Patrick Holland 17 from Columbus Ohio

Irish Dance World Championships - Boys under-17, under-18 & under-19 results: PHOTOS


Patrick Holland 17 from Columbus Ohio

Irish Dance World Championships - Boys under-17, under-18 & under-19 results

IrishCentral staff writer, Aoife Finneran, brings you the latest results from Dublin at the Irish Dance World Championships

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Boys Under 17 Results:
1st:  Joe Bitter, Carey, Midlands Region, England

2nd:  Owen Sherman, Maguire-O’Shea, Southern Region, England

3rd:  David Geaney, Rinceoiri Na Riochta, Munster

4th:  Brian Perry-Carrera, Butler-Fearon-O’Connor, Western Region, USA

5th: Fred Nguyen, De Danaan, Western Region, Canada

6th: Conor Coleman, Burke-Conroy, Mid America Region, USA

7th: Conor Ryan, Ceim Oir, Southern Region, England

8th: James Higgins, McAteer, North West Region, England

9th: Makulumy Alexander-Hills, Claddagh, Western Region USA

10th:Brian McLaughlin, McGing, Mid America Region, USA

11th: Michael Gleeson, Morgan, North West Region, England

12th: Conor O’Neill, Blair McCarthy, Southern Region, England

13th: Deaghlan Loughlin, Armstrong, Ulster

14th: Ryan Barry, McGahan-Lees, Southern Region, England

15th: Joseph Lanzillotta, Mulvihill-Lynch, Mid Atlantic Region, USA

16th: William Bryant, Halloran, New South Wales, Australia

17th: Gary O’Brien, Orla Nic Conuladh, Leinster

18th: Patrick Holland, Richens Timm, Mid America Region, USA

19th: Dillon Stanley, Scoil Ui Ruairc, Munster

20th: Michael Dunphy, Sylvan Kelly, Connacht

Boys under 18 Results:

1st: John Lonergan, Kiely-Walsh, Munster

2nd: Gerard McNamee, McConomy, Ulster

3rd: Nicholas Paulson, Broesler, Mid Atlantic Region, USA

4th: Lewis Childs, Carey, Midlands Region, England

5th: Conor O’Brien, O’Shea-Chaplin, New England Region, USA

6th: Lorcan Balfe, Butler-Fearon-O’Connor, Eastern Region, Canada

7th: Sandun Verschoor, Redmond, Netherlands

8th: Christopher Parronchi, Peter Smith, Mid Atlantic Region, USA

9th: Kelcey Steele, McGing, Mid America Region, USA

10th: Lucas Lawton, Short, Eastern Region, Canada

11th: Thomas Stewart, Bell, Mid America Region, USA

12th: Taylor Hann, O’Neill, New Zealand

13th: Patrick Andison, Butler-Fearon-O’Connor, Eastern Region, Canada

14th: Dylan Millar, Devaney, Midlands Region, England

15th: Ryan Murphy, Gray Gillan Owens, New England Region, USA

16th: Liam Connolly, Drumcliffe, Mid Atlantic Region, USA

17th: Glen O’Dea, Ui She, Leinster

18th: Joseph Castro, Stanley Carroll, Midlands Region, England

Mens Under 19 Results:

1st: Cathal Keaney, Hession, Connacht

2nd: Michael Putman, Dennehy, Mid America Region, USA

3rd: Ryan Broesler, Broesler, Mid Atlantic Region, USA

4th: Ian McLeod, Doherty, Ulster

5th: Niall McCarron, McCarron, Midlands Region, England

6th: Ian Gott, Irwin, Western Region, Canada

7th: Kristofer Sweeney, Montgomery Taylor, Scotland

8th: Alan Walsh, Coleman, Connacht

9th: Stewart McWhinnie, Dwyer-Whelan, New South Wales, Australia

10th: Kieran Harvey, McAleer, Victoria, Australia,

11th: Ewan Foster, McAleer-Field, North West Region, England

12th: Owen Riley, Peter Smith, Mid Atlantic Region, USA

13th: Daniel Fehrenbach, Trinity, Mid America Region, USA

14th: David Branton, Goggin-Carroll, Eastern Region, Canada

15th: Casey Lamar, Rose-Ritchie, Western Region, USA

19th: Shane Fitzgerald, Harney, New England Region, USA

20th: Philip Maguire, Elaine Kavanagh, Leinster.