Ireland's boating heritage - a constant in the Emerald Isle’s thousands of years of history


Like many sea-looking communities around Ireland's 3,000 mile coastline, Baltimore has celebrated its maritime history in recent years by resurrecting traditional boats, some a hundred years old and left to rot decades ago and restoring them to sailing order, or by faithfully replicating extinct craft using only traditional skills and materials.

Unlike static museum exhibits, Ireland's historic craft are still sailed. And hard. Hookers are matched in competition in regattas up and down the west coast, six-oar gig and currachs rowed throughout the summer months, and at Baltimore's Wooden Boat Festival craft of all kinds come together to celebrate Ireland's maritime history in a mix of races, music, seafood and admiration for the skills of the old shipwrights, and the modern craftsmanship that have created and kept alive Ireland's traditional boats.

Ireland's great boating traditions will be on display at Ocean to City 'An Rás Mór' in Cork from 1 to 8 June. View details here.

Source: The Gathering