How to trace your roots in Ireland - tips on finding your Irish ancestors


Irish Americans in the no-longer-with-us category include Walt Disney and Jimi Hendrix (honest, mother was the daughter of a Cherokee Indian woman and an Irishman).

Leaving the shores of America for Australia and low and behold pop diva Kylie Minogue, and Oscar-winners Nicole Kidman and Mel Gibson are but three prominent Aussies with Irish roots.

Canadians too can claim plenty of Irish blood: 'Dawson's Creek' star Joshua Jackson (mother from Dublin) and wouldn’t you know a third of Canada’s 22 prime ministers to date, including Brian Mulroney and Paul Martin.

Head to Argentina (Che Guevara), France (Charles De Gaulle) and then to Britain to check out rock icon Mr David Bowie, whose mother was a certain Mary Margaret Burns, of sound Irish stock.

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