County Cork finally get their own passport for the Gathering 2013


• The availability of a Cork Rebel Week Passport to international visitors which will give the holder entitlement to extensive discounts and offers across the County in accommodation, hospitality, retail and leisure during Rebel Week. Locals can also obtain a passport via initiatives around supporting and promoting the concept.
• International Marching Bands integrating in the community of Cork City and County. Local communities in towns and districts throughout Cork will host the bands and will organise local events and activities throughout the week with the highlight of an International Cork Parade and Primary Activities in Cork City over the weekend October 19th & 20th .
• International Cork Day – Wednesday October 16th in celebration of both the birthday of Michael Collins and International Food Day.  Visas will be issued at all county borders to gain access to Cork on the day in exchange for a donation to Cork local charities.
• International Sporting Events – throughout the week and across the various fields of sport.
•  The Global Cork Economic Forum & the Global Cork Network – the sons and daughters of Cork will be individually invited home to take part in meaningful discussions and receive a greater understanding of economic renewal and job creation, specific to Cork City and County. They will also be allowed to have fun!