Business 100 Green Initiatives


They are partnered with and support the World Wildlife Fund, Harvard Medical School’s Center for Global Health and Environment, World Resources Institute, and EPA National Environmental Performance Track.

Kerry Ingredients and Flavors- Americas Region

Eoin O’Connell, Business President

Kerry Group outlines its environmental commitments on its corporate responsibility page, which include “waste prevention and minimization, requiring suppliers and contractors to implement sustainable environmental policies, conserving energy and raw materials, and taking account of the environment at all stages, including product development, manufacturing and distribution operations.”


Shaun Kelly, Vice Chair-Tax

KPMG has created the Global Green Initiative, aimed at reducing carbon emissions 25% by 2010. In addition, KPMG in Japan plan to achieve the 6 percent cut in greenhouse gas emissions promised in the Kyoto Protocol. KPMG in Australia have become carbon neutral under Australia's Greenhouse Friendly™ accreditation from the Department of Climate Change. And in 2008, KPMG in Brazil asked every employee to set at least one goal in their appraisal process which focused on reducing their individual carbon footprint.

KPMG has also undertaken a number of environmental projects. According to their website, in India they have “commissioned rainwater harvesting systems in two residential areas and schools that will save up to 14 million liters of water a year. KPMG in the Cayman Islands supports the Central Caribbean Marine Institute (CCMI) and the Ocean Literacy program. And KPMG in South Africa is helping to ensure the survival and sustainability of the elephant population by funding and supporting a program that has successfully relocated more than 850 elephants.”

Lockheed Martin Space Systems Company

Joanne Maguire, EVP

Lockheed Martin has invested $40 million in energy efficiency programs that save 125 million kilowatt hours of energy annually and reduce its carbon dioxide emissions by 96,000 metric tons. The company’s goal is to reduce carbon emissions, landfill waste, and water use by 25% each by 2012.

Eight Lockheed Martin buildings have received the U.S. Green Building Council’s Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) certification, and an additional 20 Lockheed Martin buildings have registered for various levels of the certification.