Business 100 Green Initiatives


Irial Finan, Executive Vice President

Coca-Cola’s environmental initiatives include providing sustainable packaging by reducing the weight of glass bottles and reducing the use of PET, re-using materials in the production process, and promoting community recycling programs. They have recently taken on a rainwater harvesting project in India to re-use water and over the years they have installed more than 400 rainwater harvesting systems in India.

The company has published the carbon footprints of their most popular products on the Coca-Cola website, and continues to work to make sure all ingredients come from sustainable sources, specifically sugar through its Better Sugarcane Initiative. Coca-Cola has also reduced greenhouse gas emissions from its transport fleet.

Continental Airlines

Patricia Cunningham, Manager, Transatlantic Leisure Sales

In 2008, Continental Airlines implemented an environmental responsibility program called Eco-Skies that includes a system-wide paperless initiative, carbon-offsetting program, flight and ground procedures that reduce emissions and noise, and a fuel efficiency-focused fleet management program.

According to its website, “Continental conducted the first biofuel-powered demonstration flight of a U.S. commercial airliner on Jan. 7, 2009. The demonstration flight was powered by a special fuel blend including components derived from algae and jatropha plants.” Algae and jatropha are sustainable fuel sources that will not impact food crops or water resources and will not contribute to deforestation.

Disney Media Networks

Anne Sweeney, Co-Chairman

Disney has taken initiatives to improve its environmental impact as well as inspire children to think about environmental stewardship. Trains at Disneyland now run on biodiesel made from cooking oil from its own restaurants, and Disney has set the goals of zero waste and zero net direct GHG emissions from fuels over the next 5 years.

In addition, they have created Project Green and Planet Challenge, two programs that provide incentives for young people to get involved in environmentalism through competitions and school projects.

Domino Foods Inc.

Brian O’Malley, President and CEO,

According to Brian O’Malley, President and CEO, Domino is the only company to provide carbon neutral sugar products through a combination of eco-friendly farming and renewable energy. This sugar was recently launched as Domino CarbonFree Sugar and certified by

eBay Marketplace

John Donahoe, President

The eBay Green Team encourages sustainable commerce, such as re-using materials, promoting green business practices, promoting environmental legislation, and volunteering. EBay has worked with USPS to create more environmentally-friendly packaging, with the overall goals of reducing GHG emissions by 15% by 2012 over 2008 emissions. In addition, PayPal’s headquarters has a solar installation that takes 18% of their energy used off the grid completely.