Business 100 Green Initiatives


Several of this year's Business 100 honorees work for companies making significant strides in environmental sustainability. Listed below are some of these businesses' green initiatives employed in the workplace and around the globe.



Anthony Coughlan, Principal Accounting Officer and Controller

Accenture has a series of articles on its website having to do with the importance of sustainability and its integration into every factor of the company’s work. However, instead of just making their own practices as “green” as possible, Accenture has gone one step further by offering a “Green Technology Suite” which helps clients’ IT departments reduce their carbon footprints. This program is essentially a set of tools that helps companies assess their environmental and economic impact and find smart ways of reducing energy use. Since Accenture is a global consulting company serving a wide range of industries, from media and entertainment to aerospace and defense, their commitment to sustainability in every aspect of their work indubitably has a broad impact beyond their own company.


Pearse Lyons, President and Founder

Alltech is founded upon the ACE principle: deliver performance for the Animal while being beneficial for the Consumer and natural and safe for the Environment. In keeping with this principle, Alltech has designed a pilot community biorefinery in Kentucky which has the ability to produce ten million gallons of biofuel from fibrous materials like switchgrass. This enables local farmers to create jobs for their communities and use local materials. The Alltech 2009 Symposium focused on sustainability in animal agriculture, with all three directors speaking on the topic.

American Express

John Hayes, EVP-Global Advertising and Brand Management/Chief Marketing Officer

Since 1983, American Express has been part of the Partners in Preservation program, which seeks to preserve historical and environmental landmarks, raise awareness about environmental conservation, and encourage the public to engage in “sustainable tourism.”

American Express teamed up with NBC Universal this year to celebrate small businesses with the Shine a Light program. Readers can vote on the stories of finalists and whoever wins receives marketing support and a $100,000 grant. Helping small businesses can have the positive side effect of supporting sustainability—small businesses often work on a local level, meaning they waste less energy in shipping materials, support other nearby businesses, and use up less floor space than large businesses do.


Patrick Burns, Director, TV Sports and Entertainment Marketing

 As of April 2009, more than 6 acres of photovoltaic solar arrays are powering about 3% of the brewery’s electricity needs in Fairfield. Anheuser-Busch also built a bio-energy recovery system that provides 15% of the plant’s fuel by turning nutrients in brewing wastewater into renewable biogas. Honored 15 times by the Waste Reduction Awards Program, Anheuser-Busch recycles more than 99% of the solid waste it generates.