New York Irish kids on what they want from Santa


Although little Keegan is most excited about getting toys for Christmas he has one worry. 

“What if I’m on the naughty list?” 

He asked for an R/C camera airplane. 

When asked what he plans to do to get back on the nice list Keegan said, “I’m going to listen to my mommy and daddy.”

Keegan said he is thankful “that we have money and we are alive.” 

Kathy notes that Keegan has collected some money this year to give to the poor. She is very proud. 

Keegan’s younger brother Nolan is excited about a lot of things. “I can’t wait for a week of no school, Santa, the Christmas tree, Celtics Christmas party and snow,” he said.

Nolan said the best things in his life are “McDonald’s, computers, TV, basketball, soccer, Gaelic, but not school.”

Confident he has been good, Nolan said Santa will bring him a trike, a domino rally and a Kindle. 

“On Christmas Eve, I won’t get coal,” he said. 

The youngest of the three Hess boys, Brian, said, “I want Santa to come and bring presents right upstairs, that’s what I am excited for, but if he puts them under the tree, that’s okay too,” Brian said.

Through all this excitement Brian can’t remember what he asked Santa for. He looks forward to the surprise. 

All three Hess boys promise to go to bed early on Christmas Eve.