A totally confusing roadsign in Kenmare.

25 things you never thought you'd miss about Ireland (PHOTOS)


A totally confusing roadsign in Kenmare.

Remember that scorching hot May bank holiday weekend in 2007 when you went camping in Mullingar? Of course you do, because the novelty of those two blissful sun-baked days will remain in your memory more than 100 roasty Bondi Beach ones.

24. Tea

Kinsale invites those visiting for The Gathering to experience the warmth of Irish hospitality with a friendly cuppa

Straightforward tea. Try ordering a cuppa tea almost anywhere else and you’ll soon find out it doesn’t exist. Instead it comes in a variety of sizes in a multitude of languages with several different types of milk, fat content, flavours and temperatures designed to confuse and bewilder anyone.

25. Snow days

In countries susceptible to freezing weather, they have a thing called an infrastructure. This means when snow arrives everyone goes to work and society doesn’t break down. Thankfully in Ireland no one bothers with such a thing. Three inches of snow forecast? Welcome to bandit country.

*Originally published in 2013