Top 20 reasons why living in Ireland can be difficult

Living in Ireland isn't all Riverdance and seisuins for one there is "Public transport timetables that are more of a suggestion"

There are some things that Irish people have to deal with on a daily basis that really grind our gears. Here are just a few of them:

1.Public transport timetables that are more of a suggestion

See right!

2. Lack of choice when it comes to political parties

3. When the shower's cold because someone forgot to switch the immersion on

4. The five hours of sunshine we get a year

5. ATMs that only give out €50s

6. When you're stuck in on a Saturday night with only this for company

7. The Leaving Cert. Dear god, the Leaving Cert

8. The fact we never win at Eurovision (anymore) And yet these acts did:


9. The fact that we never win at soccer

(From: ReactionGifs)

10. Friends posting selfies from Bondi Beach every 2 minutes.

11. THE WIND. Too often this …


... has led to this:

RIP Youngbrella.

12. Machines that don't take new €5 notes

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13. People abroad think we do this all day

Ah shure, it'll be grand.

14. This is not a hospital bed

15. When a pub only sells an off-brand of your favourite drink

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16. Taxi drivers that don't have change

17. Hairdressers that don't understand the words 'a little off'

18. When you're surrounded by sports fanatics We're a nation of sports lovers, I GET IT.

sports lovers i get it

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19. 'Sure aren't you lucky to have a job at all?'

20. Cattle tracks for roads

*Originally published in September 2013