Ireland set to host global whiskey exhibition


Dublin is set to host a whiskey exhibition featuring a variety of whiskeys from across the globe.

According to The Post, the event will take place on Saturday in the Mansion House in Dublin and will be attended by world renowned corporations such as Diageo, Pernod Ricard, and Grants and Cooley Distellery to name a few.

Despite the recession that has struck Ireland particularly hard within the past few years, Irish whiskey seems to be recession-proof according to analysts. Global sales of Irish whiskey are set to increase by increments of 10 percent annually, and are expected to top six million in the next four years. This year alone is set to see over five million cases of the Irish spirit sold worldwide.

Despite the recent popularity of Irish whiskey, the event has been brought to the Dublin stage for the first time. The exhibition has previously been held in Australia, Taiwan, Madrid, and New York.

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For Damian Riley-Smith, the founder of the exhibition, Dublin presents the ideal setting in which to showcase some of the world's greatest spirits. Riley-Smith added that there is "no greater city" than Dublin and no better time to enjoy everything whiskey has to offer. Although Dulbin has been historically linked to Guiness perhaps the recent surge in populatiry and whiskey exportation, culminating in the exhibiton this weekend, points to a new quintessential Irish drink.