Top ten cures for your current depression


But times will improve somewhere along the next decade, and they will remember who gave them a smiling good morning. And smiles cost nothing.

8. If you are a smoker don't give up for God's sake, or you will fall into a deep recession yourself. They damage our biology certainly, but enhance our serenity. And they dull any pain.

9. Take a cod liver oil capsule every morning with a swig of cold milk. Our grannies kept us alive with cod liver oil in harder times than these.

Doing so will ward off the kinds of illnesses which are so expensive to deal with in relation to doctors, chemists and, the Lord between us and all harm, hospitals.

10. Crucially, live for the day that is in it. Blank out all thoughts of tomorrow or next week. They will arrive anyway and deal with them as they come.

Live like that and, before you know it, times will brighten up on all fronts. That is a guarantee!

There you have it. Begin the process now and you will feel better.