Top 100 Donegal Families


Mac Teige

Mac Ward

O' Begley

O' Boyle, L.

O' Breslin, C.

O' Brodar, C.

O' Cannanan, P.

O' Clery, C.

O' Coigley (Quigley)

Mac Loghlin, P.

Mac Nulty

O' Coyle

O' Curran

O' Devir

O' Dogherty, L.

O' Donnelly, C.

O' Donlevy

O' Donnell, P.

O' Dooyarma, L.

O' Dornin

O' Dorrian

O' Duffy

O' Early

O' Forranan, C.

O' Freel

O' Gallaher, C.

O' Gormley, C.

O' Hagerty

O' Harkan

O' Hugh

O' Kenny, C.

O' Kernaghan

O' Laverty

O' Leaney, C.

O' Lynchy

O' Morrison

O' Muldorry, P.

O' Mulgee

O' Mulmoghery

O' Mulvany

O' Murray

O' Neill, P.

O' Quinn, C.

O' Rafferty

O' Roddy

O' Rody

O' Sheeran

O' Tarcert, C.

Top 100 Families of Donegal

As it is very trendy to list the Top 10 or Top 100 families,

I think you can make a Top 100 list of your own from

these names that are documented in County Donegal,

and you might just add your own, if it has gone missing !

…….So end my notes for today.


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