The Top 100 Families from County Cork, Ireland...


Families that came from County Cork, Ireland.

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Todays we will talk about :

1) Cork Genealogy books

2) Top 19th century family names

3) Top families on the Map of the Four Masters

4) Who left from Cork ?

5) Queenstown, Cobh or Cove

The port of Cobh, earlier called Queenstown


They came from Cork

These words are common. Many families recall only that

someone said ‘they came from County Cork’. While this may

be true, it does not mean that they lived in County Cork.

1) They may have lived in a nearby county, coming to Cork

to depart from the busy port of Cobh or Queenstown.

( Cobh and Queenstown are one in the same. This is an

example of a place name changing over time. )

2) They may have left from Liverpool and stopped briefly in

Cork while immigrating to North America. Then departed

from Cork to the new world.

Holding such a busy port, County Cork has a distinct flavor of its

own. Today we will look at the major families of Co. Cork

in two time periods. First he 19th century birth records,

and then the Map of the 4 Masters which shows prominent

families of several origins. (found in the mid 1800’s in the

Annals of Ireland by the Four Masters, Connellan translation).

Before we look at those, here are some books of interest to those

looking for family history in County Cork, Ireland:

Books of the Month:

1) Families of County Cork, Ireland

2) County Cork, Ireland, genealogy and family history notes

3) Family Names of County Cork by O’Murchadha

4) Castles of County Cork by Healy

Birth Records

Now lets look at the birth records and my comments

from the book 'County Cork, Ireland, genealogy and

family history notes' :

“The 19th century birth index of Ireland finds the following

families most numerous in the county :

Sullivan; Murphy; McCarthy; Mahoney; Donovan; Walsh;

O'Brien; Callaghan (Callahan) ; Leary; Crowley; Collins;

Driscoll; Connell; Barry; Cronin; Buckley; Daly (Daily) ;

Sheehan; Riordan; Kelleher (Kelliher) ; O'Connor (O'Conner);

Hurley; Regan (Reagan); O'Keefe; Harrington; Fitzgerald;

O'Neill (O'Neale), etc..

Other Family Names

There are of course, hundreds of families not noted above,

and many more ways of spelling each name shown. Several

thousand families are given in our larger, hardbound work

"Families of Co. Cork, Ireland', which you may want to consult

for further research.

Most of the old Irish names can have the Mac or 'O' before

the name dropped and added at will. Additionally many old

Irish names were translated or 'mistranslated' into English

from the original gaelic. Hence many English sounding names

may actually be found in old Irish families! “

Below we find a resource which gives families from earlier periods,

including the Norman invasions of the 12th century.

Families on the

Map of the Four Masters:

L = Lord; P= Prince, E = Earl, B = Baron, C = Chief, v=Viscount


Barrett, Lord

Barry, Baron

Barry, Earl

Barry, Lord

Barry, Oge

de Capel

de Carew

de Cogan

de Cogan, L.

Condon, B.


de Courcy, E.

Fitzgerald, E.

Fitzgerald, L.

Fitzgerald(Fitzgibbon) the White Knight

Fitzgibbon(Fitzgerald) the White Knight



Mac Auliffe, Chief

Mac Carthy, King