State workers are whiners - private sector workers in Ireland stomach the brunt of pay and pension cuts


They don't need a full pension from the state after a mere 15 or even 20 years as a judge.  The case would never stand up in court!

This kind of nonsense is rampant across the public service.  Early retirement on full pension has been allowed in several areas (like the police), for example. And there are other deals that feather bed the pension arrangements for some state workers.

But the big bugbear is that despite the fact that pensions for so many workers in the private sector have been almost wiped out, pensions for state workers, guaranteed for life, have only been reduced by a few percent under Croke Park I and another few per cent under this new deal.

The very high pensions paid to management grades in the state sector will now be subjected to higher reductions.  But only those on pensions of more than €32,500 will be affected.  

In the private sector, to get that level of pension you need to have built up a savings pension pot of around €1 million!

There's one law for state workers. The rest of us can go whistle.   And there's no point in complaining to a judge!