“Speech Project” by Gerry Diver left me speechless


After interviewing Moore and hearing what Diver did with his interview, Moore leader opened up his contact list. This created subsequent get-togethers and interviews with MacGowan, Dempsey, Hayes and Meehan, which gave birth to more fresh tracks.

“Christy Moore in particular is so supportive,” Diver says. “It was great to see how he reacted to it when I played it back to him. I got a similar reaction from the other musicians as well.”

Diver was born in Manchester to a very Irish family and was playing Irish music and taking Irish language classes at the age of eight.  He moved back to Donegal and got into Irish traditional music before branching out into rock and music production in Ireland and the U.K.

Diver produced a multimedia show of Speech Project late last year and toured around Ireland. “There was a live ensemble of uilleann pipes and cellos that work with the video screens,” he explains. “We took it on an Irish tour and the reaction was fantastic!”

Diver hopes to bring the project to the U.S. sometime this year. This music, though not everyone’s cup of tea, is a fascinating portrayal of how modern technology, traditional melodies and “old time musicians” can play to create something so innovative.

To hear more, log onto www.speechproject.net.