Sasha and Malia bored in Ireland and Clare Daly’s rant about Obama “war criminal”


It was a reminder to the global audience -- and to us in the south of Ireland --- that part of the island of Ireland is still very much part of Britain.

Taoiseach (Prime Minister) Enda Kenny, partly because Ireland currently holds the EU presidency and partly because he's the next door neighbor, was allowed to stroll around for a few minutes with President Obama and the global leaders.  But as one of the papers here put it, he had to hop in his car and come back down here for his dinner when the real round table dinner for the world leaders was going on up there.  

That is the political reality and we all know that.   Ireland is a minnow in the global pond of big fish.

And Northern Ireland just happened to be the part of the U.K. where the G8 meeting was being held. It was an inspired choice by Cameron, showing the world how peaceful the North is these days and at the same time remote Fermanagh being difficult for all those G8 protestors to get at.

No one here resented the choice.  Everyone here knows the reality.

Yet it's hard not to feel just a hint of humiliation when all these world leaders are congregated just a hundred miles up the road from Dublin and it's really got nothing to do with us.

Which is why the visit by Michelle Obama and her daughters here was a good idea.  It made us a part of the Obamas-in-Ireland story.  In fact there are many people here who would say that we got the better part of the deal.

But back to Bono, the man with delusions that he is some kind of world leader himself.  It was hard to miss the irony in Tax Dodger Bono hosting the lunch for Mrs. Obama and the girls while up the road one of the main items on the agenda for the world leaders was tax dodging by global corporations.

Funniest moment of the visit, however, was not provided by Bono, but by an independent socialist member of the Dail (Irish Parliament) called Clare Daly, who was so incensed that she went completely over the top.  She accused the Irish government of “prostituting” Ireland to the U.S., and accused the Irish media of  "slobbering" over the first lady and the two girls during their brief stay in Ireland.

She told the Dail she was surprised that Kenny had not dressed his ministers in leprechaun hats decorated with stars and stripes flags.  She said that the Irish government was "the lapdog of U.S. imperialism," that Obama was the "hypocrite of the century" for preaching peace to Northern Irish teenagers even though he had doubled U.S. drone attacks.

And there was more of this stuff in Daly's diatribe in the Dail.  Kenny told her she was a "disgrace" -- and he was right.        

Nobody likes the drones because of the possibility of collateral damage, including the unintentional
killing of civilians.  But most of us are grown up enough to understand that the deliberate or careless killing of civilians is not what the U.S. does, unlike the terrorists who deliberately target civilians.

We also realize that the drone program has been highly successful in reducing the terrorist threat by removing much of the leadership.

Daly should have a better understanding of military matters like this since her dad was a colonel in the Irish Army.  Like most of our socialists, she has a nice, comfortable middle class background behind her.

She got into left wing student politics when she was in college 20 years ago, and basically she never grew up. She's still spouting the same infantile lefty nonsense we all did in university before we learned what the real world was like.

So if any of you over there were alarmed at or even offended by the things she said, you need not be.

We don't take her seriously.  Just like Bono.