Santa Claus’ double is still raring to go this Christmas


The entire clan assembled for the occasion, and there was no recession at all in sight for the next 48 hours. In eras like this you need lively nights and days like that. It was great craic.

Brother Sean was there and in good voice. He told us  that he is retiring from The Irish Times before the end of the year, and that is forewarning of another good weekend before the year is over!

When I eventually got back home to Maisie's Cottage  I got a call from a colleague to invite me to a retirement lunch, again before the end of the month, for the great RTE western correspondent Jim Fahy of Galway who is also closing down his mike before the New Year.  Jim, an old friend, has consistently emphasized the special qualities of the west of Ireland on the national airwaves for decades as well as covering all the hard news stories.

I reflected ruefully before beginning this piece that I'm older than both of the retirees by several years, and is the writing finally on the wall?

No, I decided, neither of them have the pleasure  of being mistaken for Santa Claus, and there's too much craic writing about things like that, and life generally, to stop for a while yet.