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Clare, Ireland

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Among Todays Topics at the Irish Roots Cafe:

1) Family of the Day: Leahy

2) Irish Families Project for: Co. Clare

3) Searching For:Mortimer, Northcote, Walters, Riley

4) Curious : Torpey making Hurleys, ‘sticks’ that is.

5) Web Page of the Month: Google search tips Video

6) Curious Note: Irish Ghost Convention in County....

7) One minute podcast: my search in Co. Clare

8) Ryan families in Australia


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4) “County Tyrone, Ireland, Genealogy and Family History

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5) Coming up later this month, will be our series on the

Irish Collections and Irish Studies at KU in Lawrence

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there to be sure.... and our 200th Irish family

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Our Irish Genealogy CD, or maybe I will just wing it with

impromptu comments on my research experiences in

County Clare, like:

Visiting all the elders named O’Loughlin.

B&B of the name, calling ahead.

Spelling and Pronunciation of the name.

Local Historians Spillane, Nacy Cleary.

Viewing original parish record book in the church (Fr. Vaughan)

in Kilfenora and D. Spillane in Glenflesk.

Country music in the streets.

Old books with genealogies, Frost and White, a chilling subject.


( The Irish Genealogy CD now available free to renewing

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From The Irish Families Project

County Clare, Ireland, Book Review(s) of the Month:

1) The Families of County Clare, Ireland.

(hardbound). contents page (see above)


Containing hundreds of Irish Families not

found in our other works. A brief excerpt: