'Race to Nowhere' highlights hyped-up culture of achievement in our schools - VIDEO


My toes tapped incessantly when boredom set in during Sister Jane’s first grade class -- was a shot of Restulex in order for that Restless Leg Syndrome?

My mind wandered like a helium balloon in a cyclone --would it have been different if Mom packed two Adderall in my Hot Wheels lunch box?

I don’t think it would have made a bit of difference. I was never a strong student.

God gave me the gift of quick wit and creativity, skills they never taught in school but nonetheless gave me this nifty title of vice president of sales and a view of the corner office at the top of this here corporate ladder.

In fact, the nuns tried to stamp humor and spontaneity out of their classroom with sensible heels, and hands that moved their crayons outside the lines were quickly rewarded with a ruler across the knuckles.

We have evidence that these traits make great leaders like Steve Jobs and Richard Branson.

My girls make their way over to the dining room table and crack open the books as soon as they get home from school, exerting more pressure on themselves than I ever would.

My parents shake their heads in disbelief and frustration that I will not have the kind of kids that put me through the kind of suffering my academic shenanigans put them through.

I pray this hard work will lead to streets paved with gold, but if the car turns onto a road to nowhere every now and then I won’t sweat it. Their dad turned out okay!

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Here, catch the trailer for 'Race to Nowhere':