Pierce Turner returns to US for New York, Philadelphia concerts


At An Beal Bocht and Tin Angel, I am completely solo. I have been working on my solo show at first out of necessity based on the economics. I remember Christy Moore telling me during Moving Hearts that he developed a solo performance to feed his family because you’d lose money bringing the full band everywhere. So it has turned into something I really enjoy.

I can’t wait to see you share the stage with Seamus Kelleher!

I love Seamus. He’s a beautiful person. He’s a great man to have around. I knew he lived near Philly and when I realized I was playing there I invited him to join me.

I haven’t heard his solo thing at all and I think that’s another excuse to have him on the bill, so I can be part of the audience myself!

Will you put the spiritual music in your set or are there any plans to re-produce the piece here?

Yes. I have a musician friend of mine that runs the music in a large church in California and we have been talking about staging it there. We are scouting some churches in New York. I’m looking for a church with a good organ player and a choir.

I’m definitely going to do it over here somewhere, somehow. There’s no money in it, but I am so comfortable in it. Besides, as an artist, the more you chase money at times, the faster it runs away from you.

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