Martin Hayes and Dennis Cahill ready for residence at Irish Arts Center (VIDEO)


Classically trained violinist and West Coast native Dana Lyn, who is familiar to many of us in New York as an extraordinary Irish fiddler around the session scene from her early days at Mona’s in the East Village, comes by for a musical interlude on the 27th.

Dublin piper and flute player Ivan Goff is a long time resident of New York who recently toured Ireland with Schrey and Iarla O Lionaird as the Ghost Trio that emerged out of a Masters in Collaboration week with O Lionaird and Goff last year. He grabs the penultimate slot on Saturday the 28th.

Anchoring the end of the unique artistic relay is Doug Wieselman, a versatile musician and composer who has worked with people like Lou Reed, Laurie Anderson and Marta Wainwright on the 29th.

There is no question that Hayes is in the prime of a very successful career, and has found an entertaining formula to display his multi-faceted appreciation of Irish music and complimentary genres and his own personality.  That is what gives this residency in New York such great appeal to the committed fan or for those who want to get to know him better.

Even Hayes admits he hasn’t much of an idea how it will all turn out or even what might happen on a given night, but that will become much clearer after a day’s work is done before the evening’s show.

But from past experience, watching Hayes pour every ounce of ability and imagination into his performance, the results are sure to be the talk of the town for months after the final show.

There is already a pretty good advance sale since the details of the residency were revealed a couple of weeks ago. The Donaghy Theatre only has 99 seats so I encourage you to pick your night(s) and see history being made once again at the Irish Arts Center.

There is a bonus opportunity for two sets of two hour workshops (Saturday and Tuesday) with both Hayes (on fiddle) and Cahill (on guitar accompaniment for traditional Irish music) with them as well with advance purchase available at

Here are Martin Hayes and Denis Cahill in action: